Welcome to IndyCloudCover.com!  My goal is to cover topics related to virtualization with maybe a tiny bit of bias.  I am not going to dismiss a solution from vendors like Citrix or Microsoft, but I am going to talk about them in relation to how I see them as a consultant focused on VMware solutions. I’ll also cover things like Automation, PowerCLI and Home Labs.

I am a Systems Engineer/Consultant with over 27 years of IT experience. I have spent a significant portion of the last 11 years focused on End User Computing Virtualization. I come from a data center background, so I have a good understanding of all the aspects that encompass IT infrastructure. I am currently helping customers harness the power of Virtual Desktops with Horizon View.

I am also a CompTIA SME and a member of the CompTIA SME Technical Advisory Committee.  I have worked on the Cloud+, Network+ and Server+ Exams.















My vMetrics

Total Metrics:
34 GHz Total CPU
96 GB Total RAM
4,135 GB Total Disk
1 Host(s)
2 RPs
25 VMs
128 vMotions
Power States:
(18) (7) (0)
5 Physical NICs
18 Virtual PGs
Current Deviation: 0
Target Deviation: 0
DRS Balance:
Dell Inc. PowerEdge R720

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