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Report Automation with RVtools and Excel

Recently I needed to extract some configuration info from vCenter and email it someone on a semi-regular basis. They wanted specific information about the hosts and VMs in each vCenter. I figured the easiest way to get the required info was to use Rob de Veij’s excellent RVTools. To start, I ran RVTools, exported the […]

VMware View supported in vSphere 5.1 – Thank you!

So, after vSphere 5.1 was released, I, like many others, could not wait to get my lab upgraded and dive in.  Uncharacteristically, I RTFM and was surprised to see no versions of view were supported!?!   Torn between living on the edge and patiently waiting, I again did the opposite of my normal behavior and waited. […]

View 5.1 released, are you ready?

VMware released View 5.1 yesterday and it has some changes that require you to pay close attention.   I am going to link and post the highlights here, because its really imperative you know this! 1)  You cannot downgrade View 5.1 Connection Server to previous versions. 2)  vCenter Server and View Composer hosts need […]