Welcome to IndyCloudCover.com!  My goal is to cover topics related to virtualization with maybe a tiny bit of bias.  I am not going to dismiss a solution from vendors like Citrix or Microsoft, but I am going to talk about them in relation to how I see them from my point of view as a consultant focused on VMware solutions.  I am currently helping customers automate their systems with vRealize Automtion and PowerShell/PowerCLI.

My vMetrics

Total Metrics:
44 GHz Total CPU
64 GB Total RAM
3,247 GB Total Disk
2 Host(s)
1 RPs
21 VMs
7 vMotions
Power States:
(3) (18) (0)
8 Physical NICs
8 Virtual PGs
DRS: DRS enabled (Full Auto)
HA: Highly Available
Current Deviation: 0.038
Target Deviation: 0.2
DRS Balance: Load Balanced
HP ProLiant DL360 G5

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