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App Volumes Database Password issue

Recently I encountered a strange issue with App Volumes and the ODBC connection. Whenever I would install App Volumes Manager, it would accept my DB entry and credentials. However, when we try to access App Volumes Manager, it would give an error stating Login Failed. The SQL logs also stated “password mismatch”. I tried to […]

VM Deployment with PowerCLI Part Two

In my last post I presented you with the main deployment script I have been using. What it did not include are all the little tweaks and prerequisites that allow it to work. The first thing we need before running the script is a Template. As previously mentioned, I built a vm from the corporate […]

VM Deployment With PowerCLI part one

Tedious, repetitive processes are the number one factor in deciding whether to write a new script. In my current position, we are asked to deploy new VMs on a pretty regular basis and in some cases it may be upwards of 20 in one batch! The standard way we accomplish this is through the following […]

VMware tools and PowerCLI part 1

Recently I noticed a few servers did not have VMware tools installed. Needing to see how big of a problem this was, I turned to a few old standbys: RVtools and PowerCLI. Of course, RVtools was able to provide the info relatively quickly, it was cluttered with extraneous information. I could have chosen to pair […]

Cleaning up files with powershell GUI confirmation

After automating my report last week, I decided I did not need a copy left lying around, so I decided to write a cleanup script. My first version was very simple, and consisted of just the required code to recurse the directory and delete the files. It occurred to me that a Yes/No MsgBox to […]