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Fixing Greyed out Virtual Machines

As I am sure many of you have, I had an outage recently that caused my hosts to come up before my storage. This resulted in the dreaded invalid or “greyed out” VM. There are, of course, other ways to recover from this, but I have found this to be the easiest! Here are the […]

Windows vCenter to VCSA with a fling? yes, please!

If you are not familiar with VMWare Flings, then you should rush over and start checking them out NOW!!   If you are familiar, then maybe you also noticed that the engineers over at VMWare just released a vCenter to VCSA converter!!    There are a few limitations:  Must be vCenter 5.5, must be using a […]

Visual ESXTop for MAC?

I was onsite at a customer this week and extolling the virtues of Visual ESXTop when I made an interesting find.  There is an article on Virtually Ghetto entitled How to Run VMware’s New Fling VisualEsxtop on Mac OS X. As a Mac guy, this is great news, now I don’t have to fire up […]

Convert RDMs to VMDK

Every once in a while, you’ll come across a customer who has a LUN that is physically passed through to vSphere using Raw Device Mapping(RDM).  I usually discover these when we are migrating or a customer makes some other change.  I have been asked recently on the best way to convert a physical RDM to […]

New CPU Scheduler Whitepaper released

I saw over on Eric Sloofs blog that VMware has release a new white paper about the CPU scheduler in vSphere ® 5.x.  This in depth white paper will give you insight into the inner workings of how vSphere schedules CPU operations.  I recommend you read the document, and if you don’t already, read Erics […]